Friday, August 29, 2008

Kilee's Birthday!

So Birthdays are a pretty big deal to me and mine is especially so. It's okay to be ultra excited about your own birthday as a kid, but I think it become less and less socially accepted as you get older. But I guess 22 is still young enough to get away with it. Last Wednesday was my birthday and I threw my own party to celebrate.
Anne Orme and Vanessa Parkes helped me to make the birthday cakes and get everything together during the day. We made a carrot cake, a German chocolate cake, and funfetti cupcakes.
The tennis shoes were one of my most fun presents and are from Soren. Amazing only to me was that they matched my previously chosen birthday outfit. I know, I am a total dork. Who even chooses out a birthday outfit after the age of 10?
We had a great turnout and it was so fun to be with so many of our friends. I am sure there were friends who did not get invited and I am really sorry. You weren't left out on purpose! Thanks again for all the love guys.


Jenny said...

Kilee! AH! I totally forgot about your birthday party. It ended up taking us 3 days to clean the apartment...things just took so much longer than we anticipated. There was so much to do. Anyway. I'm so sorry. I'm glad it was fun though!

Melissa said...

I'm sad I missed it! But I did find your blog! Happy Belated Birthday, and it was fun to be in your ward and one class this last year! Good luck in the future!

Bamamoma said...

Happy birthday. You are NEVER too old to throw yourself a birthday bash (at least that is what I think). Better to celebrate than to avoid or mourn.

I'm noticing that if there is a baby in the room that baby will likely be held by Soren. He's so cute with little kids.

Good luck with your upcoming move.

Amber and David said...

Looks like fun! Don't feel like a dork Kilee! If you're a dork, I'm especially so because I'm turning 25 this year, and I still get uber excited about my birthday!(shh...I still pick out a birthday outfit too!) Happy belated birthday!=)

kayla said...

OK, time for a new blog update!! :D