Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Largest Aquarium in the World!

So this was one of the coolest parts of my trip. I LOVE aquariums and this one was hard to beat. Georgia boasts that this is the largest aquarium in the world and they certainly had a lot to show for it. The day after the conference I had an extra day to myself in Atlanta. I made the most of it by going to the aquarium and then spending most of my food stipend for the week on shopping at the mall.

The jellyfish were some of my favorites. These aren't them, but did you know there are jellyfish that consume eachother whenever they bumb One of them just eats the other. They seem so peacefull. I did get to touch this anemone and I can't say I have ever felt anything like it.
I also got to touch a nurse shark, a sting ray and a starfish. Not bad. The beluga whales were an aquarium favorite. They had 3 of them there and they were awesome to see. Apparently they are like 45% blubber. It rippled when they swam. And they sure seem like happy creatures. What a smile this guy had.

This was a wall of the biggest tank they had in the place. The child in front gives a good idea of how enormous it was. What a beautiful place. I really think I could love scuba diving.

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