Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Baking Grandpa's Bread

So since I have lived in Utah I have wanted to learn the secret of Granpa's homemade bread. As we are moving in a few weeks I finally found some time a weeks ago to spend a Saturday there.
It was quite the experience. There is a very distinct way to follow the recipe and a lot of rules to follow. Even if I posted the recipe here I don't think it could possibly be followed correctly without watching it first. We made 6 loaves and my payment was 1 of them. They actually did turn out pretty well, although I have yet to try it on my own. Something tells me I have years ahead of me before I get this thing down.

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Mike and Kris said...

WOW!! I only wish I could make bread!! I just can't get yeast to rise!! I have tried everything and everywhere I have ever lived I've tried and I have never succeeded!! So GREAT JOB!! And what a great reward!