Sunday, December 2, 2012

November Wrap Up

In November we celebrated Soren's birthday. I was still dealing with morning sickness/migraines so his party was a little lacking. But we had a delicious peanut butter chocolate cheesecake, blew out candles and opened presents so it counts!

We also had family photos taken. I am so happy with how they turned out! It is crazy to think that the next ones we take will have another member of our family in them!

Thanksgiving was a little stressfull. We planned to have it at my parents, but my Mom had been so sick for weeks. Thanksgiving ended up getting postponed the day before and then reinstated the day of. I thought we weren't going to have it and then sure enough we squeaked it in by the end of the day Thursday. It made for a crazy day of baking for me because I took on a lot of the food and hadn't prepped it yet thinking we were postponing. Either way it worked out and I did happen to make a pretty fantastic looking pumpkin pie. I'd say my best ever. 

The kids were happy to share their dinner and dessert with Broch's dog Leah.

Late that night, at like 11:00 pm, I met friends for Black Friday shopping. The stores opened so early! We did Target and then Walmart. I found mostly movies for Christmas gifts. 

The next morning Mandy and I hit up JoAnns for their Black Friday sales at 7 am. It was crazy with long lines at the cutting counter, but probably my favorite place to shop for Black Friday. Everyone there was a creative person with some project up their sleeve. It felt like we all had something in common and were all in the same club. 

 And I started to grow a small baby bump in November. It felt a lot bigger than it looks.

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