Sunday, December 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was a big one for us. I took it easy on the costumes- doubled up skeleton jammies as skeleton costumes. That was partly because I have such a soft spot for a tiny skeleton, and also because I wasn't feeling great for the weeks prior. And why wasn't I feeling well?

A little something called baby #3! We announced that we are pregnant with baby number three on Halloween with an even tinier skeleton nestled in my costume's ribs. It wasn't as obvious to onlookers as I thought it would be- probably because I wasn't showing at all yet- but fun nonetheless. 

We took the kids trick or treating at Soren's work and the ward party. On Halloween night I really didn't feel well and we decided to just let the kids pass out candy. We still all had a great time and everyone got as much candy as they could have hoped for. 

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