Sunday, December 2, 2012

Kesler's 2nd Birthday- Curious George Style

I always loved my birthdays growing up and I really enjoy making birthdays fun for my boys. Kesler had a Curious George themed birthday party for his second birthday and it was a hit! He loves the movies and the show (and the books too!). We just had family over, but I tried to do some fund decorations and simple foods. 

Somebody couldn't keep his fingers out of those cupcakes. Those were definitely Kesler's. 

We were most excited about Kesler's birthday present. Soren and I had been talking about getting kittens for a long time and I finally decided that I could handle adding more 'kids' to the family. We searched Craigslist and shelters to try and find the right ones. We got lucky on Craigslist the week of Kesler's birthday and found a little with only two left. They were 12 weeks old and it was a boy and a girl who had been friends/partners since birth. The woman who had them was so nice and took great care of her little farm kittens. She brought them to us with food bowls, treats, fleece blankets and little birth certificates. We couldn't believe how tiny they were! 

My parents kept them at their house for a day and I think we even moved the party up a day so that we could give the kids the kittens sooner. They were 'wrapped' in a big box and the kids opened it up after dinner. They were so surprised!

We named them before giving them to the kids. Soxie is the girl with white socked feet. Gunner is the dark gray boy. Oh they were so cute!

Everyone just wanted to hold them and be around them. The kittens weren't so sure about everything, but they did well under pressure and let us all man handle them. 


Then we had cupcakes and ice cream and did the birthday party games. It was the perfect birthday for our handsome little two year old Kesler!

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