Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silly Baby

We still call Kesler ‘Baby’ most of the time. That is the only thing that Easton calls him. Most often you hear Easton saying something like, “STOP Baby!” Soren asks me when we’ll stop calling him that- I’m guessing it won’t be until we have another one. (Not anytime soon.)

Anyways Kesler is getting pretty silly. He is 10 months now and getting goofy. He is wiggly and demanding and interested in everything. He crawls everywhere and gets where he wants to go pretty quickly. Easton is his idol and he wants to be in anything Easton is in. He squeals and flexes his whole body to demand things. He LOVES Otter Pops and animal crackers and hot dogs and all adult foods. No walking yet or even real standing on his own. He LOVES the vacuum and ironically that is the only thing Easton is scared of. Soren let him try riding it the other night and he stayed still and held on for the entire job. They vacuumed the whole house together! It was hilarious.


We just love this little guy!

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Rob and Marseille said...

lol looks like a fun ride!