Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just a day

Its almost 11:30 pm and I should be in bed, but I’m pretty awake and feel like journaling about our day. Soren is up working and the kids are both still asleep. I’m expecting Kesler to wake up anytime as he is not sleeping through the night still and will want a late night snack.

This week has been insane for Soren and work. He has a lot of new responsibilities at work that have thrown him for a loop. He has stayed up until between 4-6:30 am at least four nights this week just trying to stay afloat on his projects. I really feel for him and am so impressed with his stamina. He is hoping on a promotion next year so this year is the trial run for the work load. So last night he was up until 6:45 am! I got up for the day like 45 minutes later! Needless to say he didn’t get to church today- if he wasn’t already sick, he sure would be if he hadn’t caught up on a little sleep.

So I did church solo with the two kids. Thank heavens Kesler napped before church so I could shower and get things ready for nursery. Soren and I are the nursery leaders and it was my first day without him. Luckily I had some great help step in and things went fine. The hardest part was carrying the church bag and the nursery bag and the kids on my own!

After church Soren was feeling more like himself, but I crashed. The kids and I napped all afternoon and I woke up with  migraine. I have been getting them pretty frequently lately and its really getting old. I have had the since high school, but seem to get them in spurts. Excedrine usually does the trick, but I’ve been trying not to take it or have it around because I enjoy the caffeine in it a little too much. Anyways today was my 4th or 5th migraine in 2 weeks with no meds around. It didn’t help that our power went out sometime while we were asleep so the house started heating up. Finally I had had it.

I packed us all up and we went to the store. (Don’t judge!) This was not my idea of keeping the Sabbath day holy, but in the middle of a migraine it feels like Sunday doesn’t count. We headed to the grocery to pick up some meds. The kids of course needed a ride in the car shopping cart and a free cookie. What the heck, we were there anyways right?  After I got my drugs we decided to go to the spray park to keep cool. Easton and Kesler played in the water in their diapers. They loved it and were cold by the end. It turned out to be really fun family time, even though I was feeling slightly guilty about the whole chain of events not being very Sabbath-like.

We came home to a warm house and the power still out. Easton loved helping Dad get candles and flashlights out. We all ended up with head lamps on. Easton couldn’t understand why his movies wouldn’t work- that was definitely the biggest dilemma on his list. When Soren got out our crank powered radio/flashlight, he brought over a DVD to try and somehow put it in.

I am very grateful that tonight is a cooler night than it has been and we’ll be able to sleep pretty comfortably. I’m also grateful that our computers were mostly charged and that Soren’s iphone can tether me to the internet. Now I just need the caffeine to wear off so that I can sleep. I can say that my migraine is feeling much better though and that is certainly what I am most grateful for.

Hopefully we’ll have power tomorrow and we can start a new day and a new week just doing our best with whatever comes our way!


Bamamoma said...

try Magnesium for the Migraines. I was just talking to a neighbor last night about it. Low magnesium can cause migraines so if you take a supplement it may help (my neighbor hasn't had one since she started taking the supplement).

I'm sorry it was a difficult day but it sounds like you were able to roll with the punches. Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Middleton Family said...

Hey Kilee, tell Soren that we hope he gets that promotion and all your guys hard work pays off! Jay's been working a ton too and we know how hard it is on everyone. Also my mom has gotten migraines my whole childhood and in the last year has started taking Vitman D and her headaches have gone away. You should talk to your dr about Vitamn D there's been a big movement toward it in the last 2 years or so. Hope you guys are good. Come visit us in Chicago sometime soon! :-)

Alainarae said...

Kilee, Sorry about your migraines. That sounds rough...I have had Sundays or just other days go like that. Don't feel too guilty- when you aren't feeling well, it's hot, you have two little ones, husband is sleeping-you just have to do what you have to do to keep your sanity!