Monday, August 22, 2011


I have been staying more than sane recently by having a few projects up in the air at all times. I am really enjoying the creative outlet and the thrill of accomplishment. Here is what I have been up to….

BEFORE: Found this cool wooden cabinet door (?) in the trash. Loved the shape.


AFTER: Cleaned it up and hung it. Planning on putting  our initials in it with 3D letters sometime.


We bought this desk at a garage sale for $5 and Soren re-painted it for Easton. Then I made a gallery wall for his artwork with empty frames. Each frame has a clip tacked to the wall so the pics and be changed anytime. The frames were also from the garbage. :)


Found an old cedar fence post to make candle stands out of. Soren cut them for me and we accented them with a touch of gold spray paint. I really love it!


Made some curtains for our bathroom out of giant antique drapes I bought at a barn sale. I love the fabric. I also made longer curtains for the other window not pictured.


Bought and painted some tiny rocking chairs for photo props for ONE little BELT. Kesler is demonstrating their use.


Made a T-shirt necklace for my Mom’s birthday. I am really happy with the design and want one myself. I would probably wear it plain, but I made her some fabric flowers to pin on if she felt like it.


Got a new lens for my camera recently as well. The “nifty 50” is a great improvement from my kit lens. I love the pictures it takes already. Here is a cute one of Kesler showing how great the lower f-stop is.


I’ve been using it to take new pictures for my website. Here is one that really turned out great.


My business has been keeping me really busy. We are doing a booth in the city fair next month and I am working really hard to get ready. I’m hoping to re-vamp our site and all of our pictures soon. I love how busy it is keeping me and how much I am learning because of it.

I am glad to blog about all of these projects and even right now I am feeling very accomplished. It helps to feel like I am doing some things in this stage of life that don’t get undone.


Rob and Marseille said...

all those projects look great! i know what you mean-when I have something fun to work on/do life is more exciting. The first project might be a cool picture frame.

BlakeandKindra said...

You are so talented!! From the pictures posted you have a beautiful home. You are so creative!!

GordonandChrissy said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like a great weekend. :)

PS I LOVE your gallery wall for your little boy. I hope you're not offended if I copy that idea. I'm way out here in SF, so if someone compliments me on it - I'll give you all the credit. :)