Saturday, May 1, 2010

We Conquered!

On Friday Soren got off of work early for an Eddie Bauer sponsored hike of Mt. Little Si. Easton and I joined him and had we all had a good time. It was a long day, but we made it up the 2.3 miles. Soren rated his hike a piece of cake for him, but medium hard for me. You can see the disparity when we hike together, Soren usually doesn't get too much of a work-out and I usually get TOO MUCH! :) We hiked to the top despite a little rain and some clouds. The sun poked out just as we reached the view. Afterwards we got burgers to celebrate and really enjoyed those! Easton was a trooper even though he missed his nap and had fun poking Dad from behind with sticks and branches found along the way. (Soren carried him in a backpack carrier.)


Yvonne said...

Enjoyed seeing your blog today. has 40 lb vests for people like Soren to wear so he can huff a bit right along with you.

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Or let him carry Easton and a bigger load of food and drinks to treat you and Easton along the way.

We had an Ironman event here yesterday. How can humans DO that?!

Love, Yvonne

Paul~Melissa said...

looks like you guys had fun!