Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Easton!

I've been meaning to put something up all week, but since we are having his party on Saturday, it doesn't really feel like his birthday has happened yet. The crazy thing is that is has! I have a one year old. His birthday was on Monday and we celebrated in a small way by going out to Red Robin and opening a few gifts from Grandma. More pics to come after Saturday.

This past 2 weeks have almost felt like Easton knows he is getting older. He learned how to say hello and mama. He can walk up the stairs while holding onto the wall. We officially play outside in the parking lot with the big kids now. He threw his first fit over a piece of candy at the store. He's just growing up.

As always, we couldn't have been blessed with a sweeter, handsomer, more curious and fun boy. We love him so much. Happy Birthday Buddy!


Heather said...

it is always so crazy to see how fast time goes. He is one cute kid. I am impressed with walking on the stairs--that is such a big boy thing. Have a fun party on Saturday

Seidi said...

Please tell me you didn't let him eat that whole ice-cream thingy. :) He is so cute!!!!! Look at those eyes! I love him and just want to squeeze him. Can't wait to see you guys this summer! And by the way, Easton can say "hello?" That's amazing!!!!

Rob and Marseille said...

cute! happy birthday! (and from a previous post, what does he eat in a typical day? I need ideas!)