Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Big First Birthday

Last Saturday, May 15th, we had Easton's first birthday party. We had a get together with friends at the park to celebrate and enjoy the sunny weather. It went well, but it was a lot of work. Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us. Here are some pictures from the day.

The party was between 2-4 pm so we just had snacks including fruits, veggies, chips, pretzels, sugar cookies and caramel popcorn.

My friend Melanie helped by making delicious sugar cookies and I enjoyed decorating them. I need to pick a different frosting next time though; this one stayed too runny.

Easton loved this bike! (It belonged to a friend's daughter.) He didn't care about the colors and couldn't stay away from it.

Our friends the Van Leuvens were nice enough to bring two of their adorable dogs. Easton LOVES dogs and puppies. He was a little nervous, but followed those little dogs everywhere.

I had a cute banner, streamers and balloons up. The sun didn't help with getting a picture of it, but we were sure glad it was out and shining.

The Birthday Boy and Mom

As you may know Easton loves chocolate chip cookies so I made a huge one in place of a cake. It turned out really well- in looks and taste. Whipped cream and ice cream helped keep the candle up.

Easton wasn't sure how to blow it out or what to do at all. It was still cute to sing to him.

I think he enjoyed the cake.


Oh, and he did eat some vegetables too. :)


Heather said...

fun times, looks like the party was a success!

Rob and Marseille said...

cute! i am really curious what a typical day of eating is like for him.

Kelli Duthrie said...

Haapppy Biirthdayyyyyyyyy Easton! We get to see you in just a couple more weeks! Kilee you are starting to show just a little bit.. or maybe it was the pose of you holding Easton. Anyways, I'm glad to hear Easton enjoyed his birthday cookie! :)