Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Soren's Birthday!

So I should start by saying that we really wish we could have celebrated Soren's birthday with many of you that are so far away. We really miss our family and friends, but are grateful for the new friends were were able to share it with.

Soren turned 27 on the 18th and had a great day/week. It started on Saturday when we went to REI's garage sale and found hiking boots for both Soren and I. He has wanted boots for me about as much as for him, so it was a fun morning for him. We went to see the new James Bond movie that night and really enjoyed it.

On Tuesday I made him waffles with whipped cream and fruit and sent him off to work. He came home to eat calzones (his FAVORITE) for dinner. We went to my ceramics class together and I daresay he had fun helping me glaze. I was impressed. After class all our neighbors came over to eat cookies and ice cream and hang out. It was really fun.

The last picture is of Soren with his new Pocket Rocket stove. Its not a great picture, but I took off the flash so you can see the flame. He boiled water in the living room just to try it out. I guess you are never too old to play with your toys. :)

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