Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Port Angeles Trip- part B

On the way home from Port Angeles we took a trip to the Olympic Game Park. It sounded like a great idea. You can feed the animals bread and there are tons of animals-lions, tigers, and bears, ect. So we drove out there and paid the ridiculously high entry fee and bought a loaf of bread to feed the animals. We were then given rules like- DONT GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!, KEEP YOUR CAR MOVING BECAUSE THE ANIMALS CAN DAMAGE IT, ECT.

I started to get nervous, but had no idea what I was in for. Holy cow, I don't remember the last time I was so scared in real life. The animals literally started to stampede our car when they saw us coming. They knew we had food and that they would have to fight for it. It started with the little peacocks chasing us, but seriously the llamas were INSANE! They chased our car for quarter of a mile, down a hill. One of them slid down a ravine to catch us. I was terrified! There are pictures of it chasing us down!

The zebras were also pretty bad. They blocked the road in front of us and as you can see got up in our faces. I just cracked the window and slid the bread out. I was so afraid they would ram our car. After the zebras were the water buffulo. They were beasts!!!! I just kept squealing at Soren to keep driving.

The bears were what we were looking forward to. We both love bears, but it was sooo soo sad to see them. They were very unhappy and just sat there looking fat and miserable. We finished our bread on them and I didn't want to stay and see them anymore.
There were lots of other animals whom I just felt bad for or was scared of. It was definitely not what I was expecting. Quite the experience, let me tell you.

This was my favorite friend at the park. Pretty much the craziest looking little beast I have ever seen.

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kaylasue said...

SCARY!!! You are braver than I am! That's scary that the Llamas chased after you...and the zebras. Creepy! It looks like it would be fun though. :) So how are you feeling? Have a belly yet? :D