Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Soren told me about his holiday work party back in September and ever since I was on the hunt for the right dress. Seeing as it was cocktail attire and needed to be modest and I have particular taste, this was a difficult task. Anyways, after searching and searching online, I didn’t find anything. While in a thrift store I saw this dress and loved the fabric. It was $2 and I thought, “I’m sure I could do something with this.” It was about 10 sizes too big and difficult for Soren to see its vision.


My Mom offered to help me and we started cutting and sewing. It took about 5 hours and a lot of pinning and retrying it on, but I was very happy with the finished product.



I also fell in LOVE with the shoes I found to match it.

Unfortunately Soren still didn’t love the final reveal. The vintage look and the blousy waist reminded him too much of all of his Mom’s old dresses. I had a really hard time with it (ie. I was VERY ANGRY), but eventually saw it from his perspective a little more and decided to save the dress for another event. I ended up finding a new black skirt and a sequin top the next day at Kohls that I was happy with. The party ended up being really fun and I enjoyed wearing my new dress to church on Sunday.


The best part was learning more about altering clothes and I plan to try it again soon. It was so rewarding to see my vision actually come through.


Heather said...

I love the finished dress, I would totally buy it! Great job! The new outfit is beautiful as well. You got a 2 for 1 :)

Launi said...

awesome! the dress looks great on you, kilee, and i'm super impressed with the changes you made! can i be like you? :)

Rob and Marseille said...

that is awesome! sorry he didnt like it though

*Katie* said...

The thrift store dress turned out so cute!

Jenny said...

Kilee! holy cow I'm so impressed. I think it looks fabulous! My jaw dropped. Truly. Nice work!

Janine said...

I can't believe you made that dress cute. I really liked it. Too bad he couldn't see beyond the memory. Although...I love the sequin top.