Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year

This year has started out great for us!

We went to a fun mustache-themed party on New Year’s and my Mom was awesome and offered to watch the kids so we could go alone. Wish we had taken some pictures. We had a great night and it felt really good to have a real event to go to on New Year’s.

We have made and been working on some resolutions around here. One of mine for Easton has been to watch less TV and movies. We tried it all week and I feel like we were very successful. It was hard and took some creativity, but it felt better at the end of the day. I am hoping we can still cut even more out.

I am really enjoying my iphone; taking pictures with it is so easy!

Here is a shot from inside the tent Soren set up in the backyard. He built a fire in my frying pan with popsicle sticks and they roasted mini-marshmallows. It was really fun except that everything got that smokey smell.


We have a few small trees in the back of our yard that Easton has figured out how to climb. It is really cute and he is quite capable at it.


The only pet we have had for the last year is a goldfish we inherited from my parents. (The big one pictured.) I never feed it or clean its bowl and it won’t die. It is a source of constant guilt for me. Oh and it has blood red zombie eyes. I really think it is a zombie fish. Anyways while at Walmart the other day I picked up two more fish to keep it company. I figure they will either improve his quality of life or change things up enough to finally kill him. Easton was very excited about the new fish although he doesn’t quite understand naming things. He refers to them as the Daddy fish, Mommy fish and Easton fish.


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Nicole said...

Some goldfish just won't die! When I was an RA back in DT, someone put goldfish in the urinal in our bathroom (V-Hall was a converted male dorm). I fished the guy out, and then put him in a bowl in my dorm room and left for Christmas break, assuming that, without food for three weeks, it would die and I would feel better flushing it. Nope. Three weeks later it was still swimming. At least all drains lead to the ocean...right?