Thursday, December 16, 2010


Like I said my last post we spend Thanksgiving in Missouri with my family and had a wonderful (and productive!) visit. I haven't spent Thankgiving with my family since high school so it was nice to be able to do so. Besides house hunting and interviewing, we went swimming, shopping, on a date and took family photos. Here are a few pictures of the events. We are so THANKFUL for family and the week we spent with my side of it.

Grandpa Kesler (weird to see that written!) with the baby, Kesler.

Easton had so  much fun with my brothers. Thompson is almost 8 and Logan is 12. They played and played together! This is one reason we are so excited to move closer!

Easton had a great time at the pool. He learned to float and jump to Soren's arms. That kid loves the water.

Kesler sunbathed with Grandma on the sidelines of the pool.

Handsome little Easton playing with all of Grandma's toys on Thanksgiving Day. I just love his "good boy" hair as Soren calls it. :)

Grandma makes GOOD banana pancakes.

Logan and Soren strung my Dad's old bow while we were there and practiced their archery skills. Archery is Soren's new declared hobby. He has been worried about the lack of mountains in Missouri so this will be his new interest to keep a little fun in his life.

The boys refused to sleep in their pack 'n' plays so we all slept together on a FULL size bed. That was an experience I hope not to repeat.

Thompson was so good with baby Kesler. He just loved having a baby around since he is the youngest and has never experienced one.

All in all is was a great trip. I can't believe we'll be back in just 2 weeks!

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Kim and Ben said...

I cannot BELIEVE Thompson is almost 8! I remember when your mom was pregnant with him and your parents were still picking out names! Crazy... :)