Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Fun

We have a crazy month with packing and moving, but we have still tried to do a few Christmas things. To start off the month we of course had to go see Santa. We didn't sit on his lap, but we did go to the Country  Village in Bothell to see the lights and see Santa fly in on his sleigh. It was cold, but the shops were all lit up, there was a little train and we even tried some Caramel Apple Cider. 


Easton hugged all of the wooden animal statues. He loved them because they were just his height.

Of course the slide is always a big hit, no matter how cold it is.

Santa and his raindeer are up on a zipline so they really did "fly" in. It was pretty neat.

2 Kids now means lots of laundry. Both of the kids love to help.

We've been making Christmas cookies. Easton calls the Kitchen Aide "cookie." I wish you could hear the voice he says it in because he has started saying 'cookie' in a voice the Cookie Monster would use. Adorable.

I love how much this little guy still sleeps. It really helps me to still get things done during the day!

Kesler has gotten very expressive lately. He coos and smiles a LOT! I love it!

Very rarely will Easton hold Kesler. He doesn't mind the baby, but usually just wants to do his own thing. This was a unique moment.

We sure love our two boys!

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