Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What We've All Been Waiting For.....

Well, maybe just me, but I bet you'll be excited too. Last week a friend of mine, Amy, was so great to do a photoshoot for me. We FINALLY got pictures of babies and toddlers in our belts. I got them today and they look awesome! They totally changed the look of our website and Etsy shop- definitely for the better!

Amy is very talented (and very busy) so it was incredibly generous of her to help us out! Check out a couple here and then look here and here to see more. They are so cute!

Don't forget to enter our giveaway! 4 days left!



Melanie Hewitt said...

Yay for professional pictures!!

Kim and Ben said...

Elliptical went MUCH better with your advice! Who knew it would be so hard just to keep your head level? :) Thanks! I am starting a half-marathon training program next week, so the elliptical workout will be great cross-training!

I checked out the pictures - they look great! And way to go for being on Hip2Save! I bet that will generate a LOT of business!