Friday, February 26, 2010

Lights On

Easton has recently discovered how to turn on the lights in his room. His crib is right next to the switch, so if he sticks out his hand far enough, he can flip it. This is very cute in the mornings when I hear him moving around and go in to see him stretching for the switch. It is not so cute when he doens't want to go to sleep and turns them on. Several times now I have let him cry and fuss for a good 20 minutes before he falls asleep and sure enough when I go check on him, the lights are on. No wonder it takes so long! Just lay down and go to sleep kid.

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Griff-Fam said...

we have that same problem-but with a two year old. We woke up at 3 am one morning to the sound of 2 children hysterically laughing only to discover that Milo had woken up and turned the lights on! I didn't even know he could reach them! So we have to pull the string on the ceiling fan so he isn't able to turn them on! He still tries, though! You should move his crib a few inches, if possible!