Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walk with Daddy

Yesterday we went to the church building to help clean it for Stake Conference. We were surprised to find it almost done when we got there, but we brought brownies so we shared them with our friends. We borrowed a backpack carrier from a friend and Soren had brought it to try out while vaccumming or something. Since we didn't end up cleaning, he and Easton decided to try it by walking the 20 minutes home. As you can see they had a great time, even in Washington weather.

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Griff-Fam said...

Cute! I tell ya what, I miss Washington weather...We are thinking about buying a backpack carrier w/out a frame for our little guy... We have a Kelty frame one that my sister gave me, but I really want a little pack that really is like a baby in a backpack for at the store or around the house.. Did you guys like that one?