Sunday, January 10, 2010

Schicke Häkelei : Crochet Chic

So the other day I got an amazing package in the mail. My friend Melanie from college has a shop on etsy where she sells items she crochets. I was impressed with her headbands and decided to order one from her to A.) support her and B.) add a new accessory to my collection. Well I way underestimated its chicness.

I have to say that it is beautiful and I just wanted to share it with you all. The headband is perfectly crafted and really just so cute. I got it on Thursday and since then have worn it everyday. I have received compliments from 2 strangers and at least 4 acquaintences/friends.
I would totally recommend one to anyone and for $8.50 including shipping you really can't beat it. I also now really understand the value of something crafted by hand. Its such a difference from just picking something cute out at the store.

Mel makes custom orders, in fact I picked out the beads for mine. I highly recommend her and am already full of new ideas of what I will order next. Check out her site and give this awesome headband a try.


Melanie Hewitt said...

You're just loving me up all over the place!! Thanks, Kilee!! I really appreciate it!! I so wish I could buy a belt from you to reciprocate your graciousness!

Duthries said...

So, I do love the headband. It looks great on you. Your hair falls so naturally behind the headband, and I am afraid that mine would just stick out at odd places. I contemplated buying my own.. then I remembered my weird hairline, which looks like I have two bald spots when my hair is pulled back. Maybe I will reconsider it in the near future. :)