Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ballard Locks II

Last Monday we went down to the Ballard Locks to see if we could see the Salmon coming in. I was hoping for hundreds of fish just jumping up and down the ladders, but we only saw a few. Still they were pretty cool to see jump out of the water. It was too hard to get any pictures of the fish, but we got a few of us. This really marks a year for us being in Seattle because we were down at the Locks last year, only it was just the two of us. Being there was really weird because it honestly felt like we had just been there. There's no way a year could have gone by.

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melanie said...

We still need to go there, we've never been. Have you been to Discovery Park? I want to go there at some point too, it's close to Ballard/Fremont.