Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick Update

It feels like its been forever since I have been able to post any updates. Easton just feel asleep so I have a few minutes to update everyone. On Wednesday night Easton and I got back from a two week trip to visit my family in Liberty, Missouri. My mom had already seen him, but my dad and brothers hadn't yet so I took the baby home to the family. Soren stayed here to study and continue interviewing for jobs. We missed him, but had a great time with the family. My family had so much fun with Easton. My brothers just adored him and were so helpful. It was really cute to see them bust up laughing at all of Easton's tricks (poop explosions, sneezes, hiccups, leg and arm flailing...). Logan (11) was great at holding Easton and bouncing him. He did a lot of babysitting for me so I could exercise. Thompson (6) was also such a great helper. He loved kissing Easton and talking to him. They were great at entertaining him. We took him to the pool for the first time and Easton loved it. He is such a water baby. He loves his baths, showers, and now the pool. Its so cute to see him splash. It was hard to leave, but we will see them all in Utah in 10 days so we are looking forward to more time with Grandma and Grandpa.

While we were gone Soren studied and interviewed like I said. The great news is HE GOT A JOB!!! He started work a week and a half ago and has really enjoyed it. It is actually at Eddie Bauer, but not the same position he originally interviewed for. They e-mailed him a few weeks ago about a new position that had opened up and asked if he was interested. It was such a blessing and its a better job than the other one. He is a tax analyst and supposedly thrilled about everything he is doing. The only hard part is starting a new job and still trying to study and get time off for our vacation we had already planned. But he is doing his best. He has the last part of the CPA exam on the 16th and we REALLY hope he can be ready enough to pass. I am so done with those tests and I'm not even the one who has had to study for them. Keep him in your prayers please.

I took Easton to the pediatrician yesterday and that went great. (Thanks Natalie for the great doctor you recommended) Easton is 12 lbs 7 oz. and 23 1/2 in. long. He is growing fast. He put on 2 lbs and 2 in. in the last 3 weeks. I love it though. He is so fun.

Well thats all the news for now. I'll try to post some pics from our trip soon.


maryirene said...

that is wonderful news! sorry i'm late to see it. it's wonderful how things work out. tell soren congrats!
you're baby is so darling. don't you love having your family meet your baby? it's such a wonderful experience. i wish you the best.

Anne said...

Congratulations Soren! We are so happy for you. Way to be persistent, I'm glad you found a job you enjoy.
-Carson and Anne