Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Past 2 Weeks

Since my last post Soren has been home for almost 2 weeks now. I can't even tell you what a difference it has been. The past 6 months seems like forever ago. We have been enjoying seeing each other sooo much. What a difference to be able to wake up together, exercise together, run errands and eat meals together. We even went on a date to Coldstone last night (a weeknight!) together. This has been a much needed break for both of us. (I know baby will be changing things again real soon for us......)

Last week we really did just spend the whole week catching up on things together, but this week Soren has been hard at work looking for a job. Since my laptop is broken he has had the computer full time and which is why you haven't seen any new posts from me. He has been applying to lots of listings online and yesterday met with some headhunters who can possibly bring a job to him. We are really pretty open to anything. The only thing I have a strong opinion about is that if we stay in Washington I don't want to move out of our apartment. I am fine with moving to another state, but I have put so much work into our apartment and getting to know people that I would kinda like to enjoy it for a while. But I may not get a choice if the right thing comes along. We'll see.

We applyed for unemployment last week and I got on WIC. What a blessing that there are so many programs out there to help people in our situation! I hope we aren't forced to use them for long, but they really will help. I am still working part time for a week longer and that has been nice to have a small check coming in. Soren has also been doing some construction work with our bishop on the side. Besides job hunting, he has another CPA exam in about four and a half weeks that he will soon be cramming for. No job, but he sure is still busy. :)

As far as the baby goes I am 38.5 weeks and had a check up yesterday. I am dialated to a "good" 2 and almost totally effaced. She said he could come anytime, but I am hoping he'll wait until Mom gets here on the 12th. I have irregular contractions all day, but not much pain yet. Just pressure. Oh, and tons of edema. Definitely putting on water weight. Yay.

Here are a few photos Soren took of me on the phone at the beach on Sunday.


Paul~Melissa said...

Kilee you still look so great!!! Make sure you have a bunch of sleepers and receiving blankets- I went through 5 sleepers and 3 blankets yesterday from spit up, pee and poop! Yes, boys are fun!!! Cant wait for yours to come!

Bamamoma said...

Even with edema, you are one cute pregnant lady.

Jenny said...

not much longer...wahoo!

Griff-Fam said...

You are so cute! I hope he doesn't keep you waiting too long after your due date!

maryirene said...

wow! i do believe that blessings can come in disguise. i wish you all the best. so glad you two have this time together. things will work out. love you!
hooray for the baby to come so soon!

Tate Family said...

Just had to leave a comment...I clicked over to your blog from my cousin Staci Avarell's blog because I saw Soren's name and he the same one we knew from Vegas? I am a sister-in-law to Sarah Ames (I married her brother Dave)and saw their link on your blog! Small world!
Julie Tate


You are such a cute pregnant lady. Hopefully Soren will find a job soon so you can rest easy. It sounds like you guys have really prepared for this time of unemployment. Good for you! I can't wait to see your little guy, have you picked a name yet? I'm so excited for you guys. You will see, this is the best time of your lives!