Sunday, April 12, 2009

36 Weeks on Easter

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a great Sabbath and fun Easter. We had a great day at church and spent the day hanging out together. We are getting really good at making the most of the time we get together.

I haven't posted in a long time but there isn't too much to report. Soren has been working about 70 hours a week and I have been working about 12. :) He has been working really, really hard and being so dilligent. The poor guy has no personal time whatsoever and spends whatever he does have trying to keep me company. Its been a really rough busy season for everyone in his industry and they have been laying a LOT of people off. So far we have made the cut, but we find out on Friday if we still have a job. Some days we pray that we will keep this one, and some days I am so fed up with it all I just pray that the right thing happens and mention I wouldn't mind having Soren home more. If we lose this job he definitely will be home more. Not sure if thats exactly what I want though. The best thing is that this is the last week of busy season!!!! We have a party at Soren's work to end it all on Wednesday and then he gets Thursday off!!!!!
This also means no more working Saturdays! We do have 2 more sections of the CPA exam to gear up for, but we are looking on the bright sides of things. :)

I have been doing pretty well at keeping busy. I really like my job at Gap and it has been a good distraction. I can tell I am getting more and more pregnant daily and feel a lot more like it. This past week I started swimming and that has been a fun new exercise that feels pretty good.

We have been going to a baby class once a week for the last month and I was lucky to find one close to Soren's work so he could come. It has been great! I am so thrilled with everything we have been learning and practicing there. I think it will be really helpful for me and for Soren, especially during labor. (yikes)

I had my baby shower this last month too. Some friends from the ward threw it for me and it was really fun! Everyone who came was super generous and kind. Thanks to all who came and contributed!

So now we are just gearing up for baby. I think I have almost everything all ready aside from the hospital bags being packed and all the food shopping. My mom is coming in on the 12th of May which is the day after I am due. I hope we felt right about the dates we picked. She'll stay for a week to help out and get me started. Soren's mom and sisters are coming the week after and it will be really fun to share with them. We are definitely looking forward to our Utah/St. George/Vegas trip at the end of July. We come in around July 18th so everyone mark their calendars! :)

Here are pictures from my shower and me at 36 weeks.

Aren't these cute desserts and treats?! They did a great job correlating with the baby's room.

36 weeks...... Hopefully only 4 to go.


Heather said...

You look great--I sure hope you only have 4 weeks to go, I will hope for less for you :) Looks like the shower was fun.

Seidi said...

Look at your belly!!! That's awesome! I'm so excited you're coming out in July!!! You get to meet my little Charlie and I get to meet your little...I don't know his name! :)

The Zenks said...

You are SO close! I had mine at 38 on the dot. Congrats!!! Almost there!!!

Mike and Kris said...

You are looking so good girl!!! I can't believe you are so close!! I remember the day you went to the dr!!! Looks like you had a fun shower too!!! I can't wait to see you and baby!!!

Vanessa said...

Kilee, you are so cute! and I miss you tons!

jenny said...

You look so cute!!! Let me know when you're here! I want to see you and meet your bebe. Miss you! Much love.

Griff-Fam said...

You look so cute! Your shower looked fun... Did you get everything you need? I'm having a shower tonight! yay! Well, that's good you have everything ready.. Just take lots of naps, and practice your breathing! Good luck!