Thursday, December 10, 2009


I haven't posted in a while because.....I've been working on starting up my own business. Things have been very hectic around here, but I am thrilled to announce....

ONE little BELT
Soren and I have begun crafting and selling full-grain leather baby belts. No one else sells them and from what we have found, there is a huge need for them! We discovered that most baby pants come with belt loops, yet no one sells real belts to go in them! Upon dressing Easton as a newborn we realized that his onesie is always tucked into his pants, making an empty waistband very obvious. So to remedy that problem we made him a brown leather belt. We get soooo many comments on it. It really pulls together any outfit and stands out.
One other problem we have run into is that Easton is pretty thin for his height. He currently wears size 12 mo. jeans, but is only really 6 mo. size in the waist. His belt keeps his longer pants up by cinching up the extra waistband.
Easton has yet to begin crawling, but when he does we are sure to be glad for a belt. So many babies start crawling and lose half of their pants as they scoot around. What they really need is a belt that works!
So we are happy to announce that we are and will be selling infant, baby and toddler leather belts. They will be sized to fit anywhere from newborn to 2 years.
Please tell your friends and family. We are really excited to start this new adventure.
Until we get a website, check out our Etsy site and our facebook page.


Griff-Fam said...

That is so awesome..I would have never thought to just make them myself! In fact, I never thought about a belt for a baby.Oliver is tall and skinny, too, so I might be ordering one soon! Good job, and Good luck!

Jenny said...

Kilee, this is such a great idea! I'll spread the word via blog.

Findley Family said...

I love them you guys! Be expecting an order from me when Link gets a little bigger :) His little waist is tiny and his pants always fall down even though they say newborn :) Very ambitious of you guys!

Yvonne said...

Very impressive you found a fashion item parents and grandparents want for their well-dressed little ones.

When you get on a show like Oprah you may find yourself flooded with orders!