Friday, October 23, 2009


I haven't posted in a while, but it seems the longer I wait the less I feel like catching up. For some reason I always feel like I need to include pictures, but sometimes that is just too much work. So no pics today, just blurbs about recent life.

A few weeks ago Easton and I went home to Missouri to visit my family. We randomly found some great tickets and decided to make the trip home. It was great to see everyone and for them to see how big Easton is getting. My parents have been redecorating and painting the house, so Mom was happy to get us for a week and to take a break from all of the housework. My brothers were in school so Mom, Easton and I got to spend some much needed downtime. Mom was so great to take Easton every morning so I could sleep in for another 2 hours. While there Easton started eating rice cereal for the first time and he proved to be a natural eater. He loves it! Mom and I shopped and watched movies and really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to Soren for giving us up for a week. (Of course he did go backpacking while we were gone so he wasn't too lonely!)

I also got to see my best friend from high school, Kim Russell, while we were there. She was randomly in town that weekend and it was really fun to meet up. We realized we hadn't seen eachother in almost 5 years! I got to see here wedding dress and meet her fiance, not to mention see her family too.

General Conference happened while we were there too. It is a weekend of broadcasted talks from our church leaders and prophet. We were able to watch it on TV and what an amazing conference it was. My testimony was really strengthened and I learned a lot. I'll probably be posting thoughts on those talks as I re-read them over the next few months.

So we got back Oct. 8th and its been busy ever since. I have been working and Soren went on a business trip. He got back yesterday from almost a week in Miami. He had an okay trip, but wished we were there. We did too! We were at home sick. Easton got the flu last week and so kindly gave it to his mother who stayed up all night taking care of him. We spent a week cooped up at home, but we are finally getting better.

So thats the news....I'll try to post some pictures and more fun things soon.


Griff-Fam said...

It's so nice to go home and sleep in! My mom totally does that for me, too! Sounds like a fun trip.. I'm sorry you guys were sick!

Bamamoma said...

That is so hard: to be the caregiver AND sick at the same time. Yuck. Thanks for the update, it is fun to read how you are doing.


So glad you were able to go spend time with your family. That time is priceless. What a sweet mom you have! It's hard being a sick mom, you don't get the luxury of taking any time off. Thank goodness you are both feeling better. Miss you guys!