Saturday, January 24, 2009

And So It Begins

Today is officially the first Saturday Soren has had to work. It looks like busy season is upon us and the leisure of a five day work week gone. We knew this was coming and have heard all the horror stories of 60-80 work weeks, but so far we have been somewhat shielded. But the poor guy has 4 clients to get work done on today and its looking like it will take all day. It doesn't help that he has to wear business/sunday attire permenantly now. Monday through Saturday and then church meetings all day Sunday. At least that is what he thought this morning until he got to work and found everyone else in jeans. What a bummer. We ironed a shirt and everything.

I don't mind too much except that I no longer feel like I have Saturdays either. The only thing that distinguishes my days is that Monday through Friday I entertain myself and then I can a least count on someone else being home on Saturdays, even if he is studying. I think I will go eat lunch with him today which will be nice, but otherwise my activities today are pretty up in the air.

Good news to report though. I got a call from Baby Gap yesterday for an interview next week. Out of the 300,000+ jobs I have applied for that might be like the fourth call back. I take that as a good sign. This past week I have been fortunate to have a temporary job working on apartment turnovers at another complex. My neighbor and I have been making $15/hour to put contact paper in cupboards, paint rooms, and clean. It has been a lot more physically demanding than I would have expected, but the paycheck will be nice. It will help cover the cost of nursery decorations and birthing classes.

Speaking of birthing, the baby is still alive and well. He kicks A LOT and definitely doesn't let us forget he is around. We are still on schedule for a May 11 arrival and doing well. I can tell he is starting to slow me down a little more though. I'm sure that will only worsen. No names yet.


Bamamoma said...

Kilee, I remember so well the awful dread of living in a new place with no job and the ever-changing experience of pregnancy. I hated it (mostly). I think you and I are both "achievers" and it is really hard to feel like you are accomplishing much without a job and a baby who makes you tired but doesn't really require your attention yet. I feel for you. Hang in there, your little new "boss" will be coming soon and then you'll have plenty to fill your days with. :) Of course, that is a whole different adjustment...

maryirene allen said...

so exciting that the baby keeps you notified that he is well and kicking! bummer about the lonely days.
i hope that job works out for you soon. i bet it would be better than contact paper work.
oh, i'm just so happy for you. you look so cute.

Helena Zenk said...

That kind of stinks about Soren being gone... Bobby works weekends as well. It's hard--but worth the experience- it teaches a person a lot about themselves. That baby will keep you so busy you'll wish you had some time to yourself once in awhile... good luck with everything~ you have tons of people rooting for you!


Hope you get that job Kilee. You look great and how exciting that your little guy is moving. Get as much rest as you can before he gets here and enjoy the fun things about being pregnant. We miss you guys.

Paul~Melissa said...

ahhhhh-- today is Pauls first working Satruday... he said he thought he would only be there until noon, so I hope we arent in for a big suprise! I hate having him gone all the time! Any news from Baby Gap?