Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We spent Thanksgiving on our own this year, which was different from usual. Since we have been married we have always gone down to St. George to spend it with Soren's family, but it didn't seem worth the drive this year. So we spent all our time together and tried to start some new traditions.

Soren had the idea to find a place to volunteer on Thanksgiving rather than staying home and eating all day by ourselves. I found a Catholic church down in Seattle that fixes meals and takes them to the homeless or the invalids. On Thursday we went down to the church and spent a few hours packaging the meals and then were rounded into groups to drive the meals around. A few weeks before the holiday the church had sent around sign-up sheets at the low income and subsidized apartment for the free meals. Soren and I went with another lady and her daughter to an apartment building to deliver about 30 meals. It was sad, but the people were really pleased for the meal.

At the end of the outing we found we had 3 extra meals that we were supposed to give out. We thought it would be a peice of cake to give out these extra meals considering we were in downtown and there are lots of homeless. But we were wrong. It took another 45 minutes to an hour to find anyone who wanted the food. Either people had already eaten or there were too many grouped together. It was quite an adventure.

Here we are that morning at the church.Here we are in the car searching for those people to give our extra meals to.

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Duthries said...

So the first picture, I just absolutely love the hair! I mean I liked it before, but curly just added to me loving it! I did cut my hair a while back, but no coloring recently. I probably should though because I seem to be fading a bit. I miss turkey dinner with you guys too. :(