Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A New Leaf

Well, its one of those new chapters in life. Last week Soren and I graduated from college and are preparing to take on the real world. We feel lucky to have a small buffer zone between school ending and graduating. I think working here in Provo will be a good transition time. In August we are moving to Seattle, Washington and I don't think either of us know how much of a change that will be.

Soren began studying for the CPA exam today and hopes to get that finished this summer. It will be a lot of work and quite a relief to have over. I am now in the process of finding a second part-time summer job. Although the used bookstore that I am now working at is not exactly thrilling, I will probably continue to work there until we leave. I really like the opportunity to borrow books. :)

Otherwise I am feeling very relieved. The unknown can be a bit stressful, but there is something to be said for having endless opportunities and choices of how to spend one's time. School is something that I will miss and will definitely return to, but change can be a wonderful thing. I am excited to turn over plenty of new leaves.


Soren said...

Hey cutie. I like your blog. Who is that handsome guy you're married to? :)

Yvonne said...

The photo of you is lovely, Soren less so ;P

What you like to do was of interest too, to me.

If people included all that they most enjoyed doing, what a list that would be . . .
and then put them in most favorite order, wouldn't that be a worthwhile exercise? I wanted to keep a time journal sometime, showing where I actually spend my time and then reorder life to suit my true values.